Are freeform dreadlocks right for you?

Are freeform dreadlocks right for you?

Have you made the decision to get dreadlocks, but you are now wondering what dreadlock method you should apply to your future locs? It is a big decision. And you definitely need to make the choice that is right for you. 

Freeform dreadlocks are one method, however they are right for some and not for others. In this post, we highlight whether or not freeform dreadlocks are right for you. 

What are freeform dreadlocks?

Freeform dreadlocks occur when the hair naturally starts to dread without any twisting or manipulation. 

What are the benefits with freeform dreadlocks?

Many people prefer freeform dreadlocks because the hairs lock naturally without the use of products. It’s also a simple way to grow and maintain dreadlocks, as there is very little maintenance required since freeform locs don’t require retwisting. 

What are some things to consider?

Because freeform dreadlocks occur naturally with the hair growth, you will always see regrowth underneath your locs. If you have afro hair, this means your dreadlocks will have a mini-afro underneath it. If you have straight hair, your hair will be noticeable before seeing the formation of the locs. 

To some people, this look isn’t as refined as dreadlocks that have retwists.

More information on freeform dreadlocks.  

You can also check out the following videos, which talk about the freeform dreadlock method.

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