How To Start Dreadlocks

How to Start Dreads?

How to start dreadlocks

There are several methods by which you can start your dreadlock journey. These procedures have their own pros and cons so it is better to study carefully to determine which method will work best for you. Can You Dread Any Hair Type? Yes! Contrary to popular belief, all types of hair are dreadlock-friendly. Dreadlocks are …

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How to Dread Hair?

If you’ve decided to dread your hair then you’re probably aware that it is a commitment. For one, the process itself demands a lot of patience. There are also specific products that you have to apply to maintain your dreads. Otherwise, it can damage your hair and make your scalp itchy. If you’re considering taking …

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How to make dreadlocks

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. You are here to learn how to make dreadlocks on your hair, or to have someone make dreadlocks on your hair, or how dreadlocks can be made on another person’s hair. Growing dreadlocks is a process. It is important that you adopt a dreadlock-making process that will allow you …

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