Clip-in Dreadlocks

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If you want to try dreadlocks but don’t want to commit to the style, then a clip-on dreadlock is the best option.

Compared to any regular dreadlock extensions, you don’t have to run through the lengthy chore of crocheting them. These dreadlocks are excellent for people who are looking for an easy take on dreads. Plus, you can buy these online or make one for yourself.

When using clip-on, you’ll want to begin from the bottom and work your way to the top. You should also attach the longest row of dreads to the back and the shortest to the front of your head. However, there is no one rule when putting clip-on as it is all about personal preference.

How to Determine the Length of Your Clip-on Dreads and Where to Install?

Dreadlocks are bulky and, therefore, will be slightly heavy when connected. This explains why most people attach theirs around the ear level. This is the perfect area if you like to cover the bulk of the dreadlock.

To know the length you will want to measure from the point at which you would like to place the clip-in (ear level) to where you want the extensions to fall.

Please note that the usual length of clip-on dreads is 20 inches.

How Many Clip-Ins Do I Need for Which Styling?

Clip-in dreadlocks are excellent for adding colorful highlights to long hair, especially if you want to achieve a Gothic, Bohemian, and Gypsy look. 

Ideally, you need two clip-ins for a few highlights and you need a set of 5 clip-ins if you want to have a regular mix of dreads and your natural hair. You can also use them as extra strands in updos and as highlights in braids.

These dreadlock clip-ins are also a solution for dread breakage in short hair. All you need is a set of 4-6 clip-ins, depending on how rich you want your dread fall to be. 

How to Put Clip-on Dreadlocks?

  • Begin with a clean set of hair.
  • For every row, comb your natural hair backward so the clip can have something firm to grip.
  • Set the teeth of the clip-in the area that was previously back-combed and fasten it to your hair.
  • Following the same process, keep clipping the extensions until it is completely done. Use a hairspray to tighten any loose hair to the top.

Braiding Loop

This is the best natural-looking way to have clip-in dreadlocks. It is a semi-permanent way of installation, but can also be placed and removed daily if desired. This method can last for up to 3 months or with the natural growth of hair.

Weft Clips

It is a professional hair extension clip, similar to snap clips, but having “teeth” for a more secure fastening. They enable quick and easy installation for daily on-and-off wear.

When attaching clips to the dreadlock extension, ensure that it is combined to a track, then you can sew in the clip. The best hair to use is natural loose hair. Comb them backward or crochet them until they are matted together, like the Wennalife Human extension that highlights soft and easy to manage hair for making dreadlocks.

Clip-in Dreadlocks You Can Buy Online

3 Clip-in Dreadlock with Messy Fishtail Braids Custom Synthetic Hair Boho Dreads Hair Wraps & Beads by Purple Finch Store

This product is custom-made and the production time is currently estimated at 3-6 weeks. 

Set Includes:

  • 1 X-Cross wrap for dread
  • 1 Plain Dreadlock
  • 1 Messy Fishtail Braid (Max out at 20 inches)
  • 1 wooden bead in blonde, medium brown, or dark brown (depending on the stock)
  • 2 metal cuffs in gold, silver, antiqued silver, gunmetal, antiqued brass, and antiqued copper (depending on the stock)

The company has strict hygiene policies for all its hair extension products. Due to these policies, they are unable to accept hair extension products that have been used or opened.

All of their products are packed in clear poly bags and labeled with a security void seal. Once this seal has been broken, the products are considered used.

They will gladly accept exchanges on all unopened hair extension products as per policy, though. So to avoid any potential color issues, just contact the company for assistance

Clip-in Dreads Viking- Set of 2 clips by Wow Dreads

Clip-in dreads will excellently complement your image. It is absolutely safe for the hair and has clips that you can easily connect to your hair or dreads.

The set includes:

  • 1 clip has 3 wrapped dreads per set (3 ends) 
  • beads

Length: 45-50 cm (17.7-19.6 inches)

Thickness: 0.3-0.4 inches (0.7-1 cm)

If you want to order a different quantity, size, and colors of dreads, you can ask the company about “Custom Order.”

Clip-in dreads FULL SET extensions (30-35 dreads) 20-23 inch Multiple Colors Synthetic and Human hair Dreadlocks Can come Decorated by Rainbowmanic

These clip-in dreadlocks are great if you’re craving to rock the “partial dread” style for festivals, events, or every day! It can be customized to whatever color or length you want.

This is a seven-piece set with 30-35 dreads and the clip-ins are pre-sewn into the hair and weft to make for easy installation to any hair type. Each set is custom-made by a licensed cosmetologist, in a little dreadlock studio in Colorado.

These can be produced with either synthetic hair or 100% human hair. As of this writing, the only colors offered in 100% human hair are brown, blonde, and black.

Clip-in Dreads (Brown) by Pure Costumes

When your pirate, caveman, voodoo, or steampunk costume requires a great accessory to create the look, these clip-in extensions will do the trick! These clip-in dreads can absolutely work for men, women, children, and adults for any costume you have in mind. It’s an excellent finishing touch to your hairstyle.

Fine Blonde-Brown Clip-in Dreads by Magic Tribal Hair

Magic Tribal Hair’s clip-in dreadlocks are made of special, very lightweight, high-quality yarns and synthetics-wool mixture. Every lock is sealed at its end to avoid dissolving the ends and to guarantee you a long-life hairpiece.

DIY Clip-in Dreadlocks

This step-by-step process will teach you the method of making solid single-ended dreads.


To run through the step of backcombing, all you will need is a comb. You can use a regular comb or an actual dread comb.

The only other thing you will need is a bag of synthetic hair. The best type for making dreads is the Kanekalon fiber hair, which you can purchase online.

You will need something to wrap the synthetic hair around to keep it steady while you work. You can place a hanger through the back of a chair and use the hanger hook. Otherwise, you can just hold the hanger with your foot and use the hook in that way.

Step 1

Take a section off of the bag of synthetic hair that you will be working with. The volume that you need will depend on how thick you want the resulting dreads to be. 

For the Length

For longer dreads, just leave the section the way it is.

For shoulder-length dreads, cut the section in half

For shorter dreads, cut the section in half, then in half again

For the Thickness

Use a pencil then compare the thickness of the dreads to it.

Please keep in mind that the volume of dreads you can get per bag varies.

Step 2

Tie the synthetic hair around the hanger.

Wrap the hair around the hook of the hanger. Not too tight, though, as you’ll be making a loop that your hair will go through.

Step 3


Backcombing is the most crucial part of making dreads. An inadequately backcombed dread will fall apart and not work. When you get to this part just remember that the more you do it, the better!

So, starting at the top, take your comb and start brushing the hair backward. The first time through, you don’t have to fill it very tight. The hair should start to look snarly and ratted.

After you have it loosely ratted, you can start to pack the hair starting at the top again. Pack it up to the very top where you have tied the knot, and then just slowly work your way down the hair, ratting it tighter.

When you get to the end of the hair, just keep on backcombing through the tail end of the dread. Some hair will come out at the end, but that is normal. You can just throw them away.

Step 4

Now your dreads are done. It should look consistently packed through. Slide it off the hook then set it aside for the next set.

Common Asked Questions

Can I get them wet?

Absolutely! You can wash them as you would with your normal hair. Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools, though, as they may lighten the hair wraps over time. We do recommend that all charms and beads are removed before getting in the water.

Do I have to have dreadlocks to wear these?

Nope! You can add them to any existing dreadlocks or you can braid, clip, or weave them into normal hair.

Final Thoughts

There are many different forms of dreads:

  • Solid Coloured Dreads are created from a single colored fiber.
  • Candy Cane Dreads are created using two or more colors twisted together to provide a candy cane effect.
  • Blended Dreads are created from various colors to produce a more subtle tone.
  • Transitional Dreads start in one color and end with the tip being another color.
  • Natural Style Dreads are obtained from the same synthetic materials but look like natural dreadlocks.