Do you know how to grow your dreads faster?

How to grow dreads quickly

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If you want your dreads to grow faster, the thing you need to focus on is maintaining the health of your locs and minimising the risk of them breaking.

If you find that your locs aren’t growing beyond a certain length, it is likely that your locs are breaking or eroding. Thankfully, there are a few measures that you can take to maintain the health of your locs, which will ensure that they will grow as fast as possible.

Wrap your locs when you sleep?

Make sure that your locs are always protected when you sleep. Once you fall asleep, you won’t know if your head movements will cause your dreadlocks to frizz and erode. Or even worse, you could wake up to find that one or some of your dreadlocks have broken-off due to the way that you were sleeping on them.

Make sure your locs aren’t too thin at the roots.

You want to maintain your locs and the roots, but having them too tight at the roots will increase the risk of them breaking over the long-term…especially if the locs continue to mature. Consult your loctician to ensure that the locs remain at a healthy size.

Loosen your curls as much as possible.

Different people will have different amounts of curls in their hair. You want to loosen the curls as much as possible so the hair will extend as much as possible. If you need to, loosen the hair at the roots with a blow dryer.

Need maintenance?

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