Do you know how to sleep with your dreadlocks?

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This is one of those things you don’t think about until you actually go to do it. Trying to go to sleep with dreadlocks if you have never done it before can be challenging. All of a sudden, you have extra hair at the back of your head which affects the position that you sleep in. Additionally, you also have the challenge of keeping your dreadlocks and sleeping area clean. 

To save you from having countless sleepless nights; we’ve put together some tips for you to sleep better with your dreadlocks and to have a process that will minimise the risk of your dreadlocks getting messy or damaged. 

Cover your dreads when you sleep. 

Many people will toss and turn when they are sleeping. If you leave your dreadlocks exposed, you might accidentally pull them or sleep on them in an awkward position. The worst thing that can happen is that you sleep on your dreadlocks, make a funny turn and wake up to see that your dreadlock has broken-off while you were sleeping. 

Another issue is that you may sleep on your dreadlock in a way that it bends the dreadlock. So it may point at an angle completely different to the rest of your hair. 

Covering your dreads will also minimise the attraction of lint. 

This is another issue. Ideally, you want to minimise lint being attracted to your locks, so sleeping with a silk or nylon headwrap and pillow will minimise the risk of lint getting into your dreadlocks.

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Wear your dreadlocks in a position that allows you to sleep comfortably. 

You may need to play around with the different positions to see where your hair will lay. Wrap your hair so it minimizes movement and the risk of breakage for when you move throughout the night. 

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