Dreadlock Accessories

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Do you have dreadlocks and you would like to spice them up a bit? Why not accessorize it?

Mind you, there are different household items and some tips and tricks that you can do if you want to make your dreads look dazzling.

Scan through an array of unusual dread beads available in dread stores or consider checking out the list below:

When can I Start Putting Accessories to My Dreads?

It is highly recommended for you to start adding dread accessories when your hair is fully mature.

Why? Because when you accessorize your baby dreads, it might take the shape of your accessory as it matures. It can also lead to breakage.

However, you can still put on an accessory or two on your hair if you’ll attend an event. And then remove it once the party is over.

Different Types of Dreadlock Accessories

There are several things you can put on your hair for a more stylish look. The key here, though, is to be creative.

You can place anything on your locks, even day-to-day stuff that you find around your house.

From shells to beads, from threads to headbands, there are several dread accessories to produce colors to your hair.

Dreadlock Beads

Beads can be made up of metal, fabric, wood (including bamboo), shells, gems, and so on.

Wooden beads or just beads that have larger holes, making them ideal to decorate dreadlocks. You just have to look for the perfect fit and slide them on. Some would even apply a little bit of glue if the hole is too big.

If you’re looking for something long-lasting, consider using stainless steel beads.

Pendants and Charms

Pendants or charms from your pre-loved necklaces can be reused for something as beautiful. Just take a wire or a string, something to connect your pendant or charm onto your dreads, and place it on the end of your lock.

Dreadlock Threads

This is the best alternative to add some colors to your dreads. And all you are some cotton or silk thread.


Running to the beach for a summer vacation? Decorating your dreadlocks with seashells would be excellent for the occasion.

You can purchase them for a cheap price or pick them up yourself while you are at the beach. That way, you can decorate your hair for free.

Just insert a little wire or string through the seashells and connect them to your locks.


Look like a king or queen when you wrap your dreadlocks with a headwrap. You can even have your dreads cresting at the top if you want to.

Peyote stitches

If you don’t have enough time for little DIYs, try buying a ready-made dreadlock accessory online for an affordable price.

Peyote stitches are little sleeves that are normally just half an inch long and built to fit around a single lock. They are solely made up of various colored beads that are placed fashionably to form a design.


Dreadbands are precisely what they sound like. They are headbands made to wrap around your head to keep your dreadlocks out of the way or if you just want to accessorize them.


They are crocheted hats that are used to maintain dreadlocks. These are ideal for formal settings, like in a job interview or during a suit-and-tie party. That’s because these are fashionable and can hide your dreads if you want to.

Ribbons or Strips of Fabric

You can wrap your dreads with ribbons and colorful stripes or wrap them around another lock. How and where you wrap them are entirely up to you, and you can show your artistic side through your dread accessories.


Who says you can no longer wear your barrettes now that you are donning dreadlocks?

Now that you have plenty of ideas, you can now unleash your creative side and just do whatever you want to accessorize your beautiful locks using a barrette!

Hair Rings

Hair ring accessories can either be plain or you can add some charms to them. Several manufacturers made them large to have them stand out.

Mind you, handmade and fine quality hair rings can add accent to any hair. You just have to simply open the ring with your finger and close it to attach.

Hair Cuff

Hair cuffs for dreadlocks are super popular. Gold hair cuffs are the most common but you can always purchase them in various colors like silver, pink, purple, blue, and green. You can add them to braids, locks, twists, cornrows, and updos. But what’s cool about hair cuffs is that they are adjustable and fit almost all braids.

Hair Spirals

Spiral hair jewelry is a fabulous way to pimp up your locks. These are built with thick jewelry wire, and you can extend them or collapse them depending on your taste.

They come in different lengths and widths to fit different widths of braids. So before you acquire any, make sure they match your lock size. Otherwise, you may end up with a hair spiral that is either too large or too small.


Wrapping hair in a string is easy and can be put in different styles. You can use different varieties of string for your locks, but the most common are embroidery string, hemp cord, or yarn. Alternatively, you can always use braiding hair for this look as another option.

Choosing the Correct Dreadlock Accessories

As always, size does matter.

When looking for loc jewelry, always consider the sizing to make sure that your dreads will match into the bead. Measure how big your locks are and always refer to the guide on the product page.

How to Accessorize Dreads?

The first tip is to be creative. Search through your drawers, tickle some trunks, or scour through your siblings’ stuff.

Your sole objective is to search for lots of different things that could potentially work to make those locks shine. You can place anything in your hair as long as it’s not gluey in any way, like food or glue,

Here are some items to look for:

By Bits & Bobs 

  • elastics and stretchy items like vividly colored nylon stockings
  • bands of fabric or ribbon to wrap around your head or unique locks
  • dread bands
  • sashes for dresses, scarves, thin belts
  • necklaces, strings of shells, pearls, etc.
  • pendants, charms, dread beads, and coils
  • seashells
  • feathers
  • flowers, grasses, and twigs
  • barrettes
  • plastic-coated wire
  • yarn
  • pipe cleaners
  • Rexlace and tubular crin

Now that you are done with your little scavenger hunt, it is time for you to start decorating!

Bear in mind, though, less is more, even though you’ve collected up a ton of stuff with which to enhance your dreads. As much as possible, try not to look like you’re hosting a garage sale on your head.

Not All That Glitters Should Go in Your Locks

There are no hard and fast practices about what you can and can’t apply in your locks. But there are a few reminders that you ought to know:

  • Glitter or sparkles: You run the uncertainty of leaving a trace of fairy dust everywhere you go, forever.
  • Spray-in color: It may not be as volatile as the bottle says since your hair is always moving around in your locks. But you might be surprised the next time you palm roll.
  • Fake blood: Everyone loves a good zombie costume. However, this material tends to be gluey and densely pigmented. It might stain your locks, particularly light-colored ones.

Synth Dreads and Loose Extensions to Add Color and Density

Artificial dreads or loose extensions are a dream come true for anyone who prefers to change their locks as often as they want.

Synth dreads and extensions can be bought in a range of colors, from natural to completely out-there artificial. You can also have it custom hand-blended to suit any hair color.

If you’re trying to add density to scanty locks or bulk up your lion’s mane, synth dreads are excellent for filling in the gaps. With just one, or a whole head’s worth, these custom-created add-ins can be fitted and removed with no damage to your beloved dreads.

Embroidery Wraps and Felting to Add More Color

If you’ve got some persistence (and a handy friend or two), embroidery floss is about to become your latest best friend. It’s dirt cheap and easy to obtain and comes in every color imaginable.

Just begin at the top and wrap the strands tightly around your lock, running to the tips. Create as many layers as you like, building patterns and designs to suit your fancy.

Add Wooden And Pyrex Beads For Dreads

Wooden and Pyrex glass dread beads are excellent for decoration. They can also be applied to tighten dreads, attach a personality to your dreads, cover up bumps and lops, and smooth out flaws in your locks.

Cover Your Hair With Dread Tams

This basic accessory is perfect for starter locs. A tam can wrap up your baby dreadlocks, especially when you’re having a bad hair day. Other than that, they can be a fashion statement.

Secure Your Locs With a Dread Headband

Tam can be too warm to wear in summer. On the other hand, headbands are a more suitable option to hold your locks in place in the hot summer months. They cover your unlocked roots and secure your dreads while still displaying them off.

Peyote Stitches to Decorate Dreads

Peyote stitches are an excellent way to decorate your dreads. Plus, they add personality and style to each dread.

Dreadlock Accessories Online

You can find everything you need for your dreadlocks online.

Online dreadlock shops have a wide selection of dreadlock accessories, including natural, organic, and residue-free dreadlock shampoo, dreadlock care products. You can even scour the world wide web for solutions to your problematic scalp and dreadlock tightening.

You will also find a variety of dreading tools, crochet hooks, dreadlocks combs, elastic bands, and much more!

Thus, we have listed a couple of dreadlock accessories that you can find online.

Colorful Spiralocks and Bendable Dread Ties for Dreadlock by Unikatina

The bendable hair ties are handmade from high-quality cotton fabric. They are felted and wired, making them versatile and perfect for dreads, locks, or braids.

These dread ties will keep your hair perfectly in place. It comes in different colors and sizes; hence, it is suitable for different hair thickness.

If your dreadlocks are very thick, it is recommended to have a longer wrap to updo your dreads. You can easily turn them into a great bun, make a high ponytail, or even make a piece of art out of your new beautiful bendable dread wrap. 

These bendable hair ties won’t harm your dreads and you can easily and gently adjust its tightness and your dreads.

Dreadlock Woolly Tie by Dreadsful

Woolly Ties are a safe way to tie up your dreadlocks. They are easy to bend and can secure your dreads easily. 

The Wolly Ties are available in many different colors and styles, and are made from merino or coriander wool, thread, and wire inside.

Gold Loc Jewelry with Sun Charm by Marcelles Designs

This loc jewelry is a perfect way to spruce up your hair!

It comes with gold wire with a sun charm on its end, which is perfect if you are attending an event or just want to make an impression. Just remember to size it down if you are unsure of the jewelry’ size.

That’s it can be snug and won’t fall off your dreads.

Geometric Stone Dreadlock Cuff by Malka Macrame

This beautifully handmade and adjustable brass dreadlocks bead comes with different natural stones. It also boasts various geometric design, making your dreads look extra fancy.

Large Adjustable Rasta Wool Tam + Belt 

This Rasta Wool Tam and Belt pair was produced from black, red, gold, and green acrylic wool. These items are very common in any Rasta closet.

Handmade from acrylic wool, the belt is sturdy and can be worn on pants, skirts, dresses, or just around a lonely waist.

Tribal Dread Bead Set by Real Simple Dreads

This dread bead is quite a neck-turner. That’s because it gives a hand-carved huntress vibe to your already different hairstyle. Each bead is hand-carved from buffalo bone, so no two beads are exactly alike.

Scrunch Headband by Crunchy Love Co.

With several different forms to wear, this headband will help you conquer your daily tasks!

The material used in this headband is really soft, and the super wideband also helps prevent headaches produced by smaller bands. Despite its softness and stretchy capabilities, this band is strong and will stay in place all day. 

Created to suit a 20-inch head circumference, the material is super stretchy and expandable. The twist in the front supplements a sweet detail and gives visual interest. This headband also makes an excellent gift!

You can wear it widely to help keep your hair back while running errands, gardening, or wrestling with the kiddos. You can also scrunch it into a more narrow band to display it as a hair accessory or a pop of print to your outfit. Turn it around and place the twist in the back to have the uber-wide headband appearance.

5 Pieces Dread Elastics by Real Simple Dreads

These ties are so stretchable, they are very gentle on your dreads. Plus, they come in different colors, which you can receive at random.

Pre-tied Knot Turban by YFBNhandmade

This cheetah print cap is sure to tickle your imagination.

This soft stretchy head wrap comes pre-knotted and is very adjustable. All you need is to pull the knot tighter.

This is ideal for all hair types.

Should I Remove My Dreadlock Accessories Before Washing My Dreads?

This question depends on the accessories that you have in your dreads. Anything that is metal, with the exemption of stainless steel, will rust when it gets wet. This is why stainless steel beads are more pricey.

If you prefer to keep your accessories to their fine quality as long as you can, remove them before washing your dreads.

Final Thoughts

There are many techniques to customize dreadlocks. You can apply natural stones or wooden beads for an earthy appeal, shells for an unconventional look, or Swarovski crystals for added bling.

But if you choose to add accessories, it’s always a great idea to take them off before washing your dreadlocks.