Dreadlock Extensions

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When it comes to hair extensions, what usually comes to mind are wig-like strands to make your hair long. However, there’s also this thing called dreadlock extensions.

The human hair bundles and permanent dreadlock extensions are normally used to lengthen people’s natural hair.

If you are wondering whether dreadlock extensions are better, this post is here to answer your frequently asked questions.

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What are Dreadlock Extensions?

The dreadlock extensions have two types. The first one is made of synthetic dreadlock extensions and the second one is composed of human hair dreadlock extensions

The synthetic locks with extensions are composed of imported high-temperature chemical fiber, designed by the technology of full handmade crochet. The dreadlock extensions of human hair are composed of 100% virgin Remy hair, which is also produced by the technology of full handmade crochet.

Except for the materials, the contrast between these two permanent dreadlock extensions is the feeling of wearing. Dreadlock extensions with human hair will be a little more relaxed than wearing the dreadlock extensions with synthetic materials.

Different Types of Dreadlocks Hair Extensions

Let’s have a rundown of all the types of hair typically used to make dreadlock extensions.

100% Human Hair

This hair type is composed of actual human hair. It is then treated to get it to look and behave in a certain way.

What does that imply? That the hair will be removed of all its dermis, then dyed and coated with a layer of silicone.

Because the hair has been dyed already, it is more complicated to change its color. This is why you should not try to dye human hair, particularly Jet Black (color #1).


  • Cheaper than virgin hair
  • Has better quality than synthetic dreadlocks
  • Great when it comes to semi-permanent or permanent extensions
  • It lasts longer than synthetic dreadlock extensions – 2-3 years on straight hair and more than 5 years on Afro hair.
  • Very few maintenance once it’s installed.


  • The hair is not entirely natural since it was processed
  • You cannot dye it, particularly not jet black #1 color.
  • It is a circumstance in the poor ethics of the hair industry.

Virgin and Remy Hair

Virgin Remy Human Hair and Remy Hair are made of untreated human hair. Hence, it’s called virgin remy hair. “Remy” simply means that all the dermis of the hair run in the same direction.

This is the highest quality of hair you can obtain on the market today. The main reason being that it has never been treated.


  • The most suitable solution for permanent extensions
  • It is as close as possible to real hair
  • You can color it
  • It has not been treated
  • The dreadlock extensions produced from it will last a long time – straight hair – 2-3 years and Afro hair more than 5 years.
  • Acts like natural hair in the sun – will fade and lighten – this makes it appear natural.
  • No maintenance is needed after you install it.


  • Expensive
  • Very hard to find
  • Dreadlock extensions with Remy hair for Afro are very hard to produce
  • It also adds to the bad ethics of the hair industry

Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

They are composed of very fine plastic fibers, which can resemble human hair. The most common synthetic dreadlock extensions are Kanekalon.

There is a huge variety of quality in synthetic extensions. The high-quality ones are so well done that no one will ever doubt it’s made of plastic. However, the lowest quality seems cheap and fake.


  • Cheap
  • Comes in the broadest range of colors
  • Vegan friendly
  • The high-quality one can look like natural hair
  • There is no fuzziness to it
  • It’s an excellent solution if you want colorful and short-term dreads.
  • It does not append to the hair industry’s bad ethics


  • This is not made of natural hair
  • It will only last for just one or two years
  • Cheap ones look really fake
  • You can color it darker in some cases, but never lighter
  • You can’t use hair dye on it

Nylon and Wool Extensions

Colorful wool extensions can be unrealistic, while nylon is made of very low-quality synthetic fibers. That’s why all dreadlocks that are made from them look quite fake.

Nonetheless, nylon and wool extensions are excellent to decorate the dreadlocks you already have.


  • Super cheap
  • Should only be worn temporary
  • You can tie them yourself without asking for help from a friend
  • Ideal if you want to experiment with dreadlocks.


  • Should not be used as permanent dreads
  • They don’t look like real dreadlocks
  • They have to be restored every two to three months depending on your hair growth

How to Maintain Dreadlock Extensions?

Now that you have your own dreadlocks extensions, you should also know how to maintain them. Here are some tips:

For human hair

This depends on how they were placed. With the crochet method, there should be no maintenance required. All you have to do is groom your new dreads as they grow.

For synthetic hair

Treat them like you would to your normal hair. Wear them up or down!

Even though you don’t have to wash the dreads themselves, you still have to concentrate on your scalp. Make sure that you wash your scalp at least once a week.

Apply a residue-free shampoo for the lock. Make a lather with your fingertips and rinse. Since they cause residue buildup, residue-free shampoos are the best.

Only wash the synthetic dreadlocks once or twice per week. More regular washes will frizz them out and make your natural hair look untidy. Also, try investing in a shower cap that you can wear on days when you don’t have to wash your hair. Find one that is big enough to match your long extensions.

Never leave dreadlock extensions connected on your head for more than 3 months. After each set, go for an extensive treatment as well as a thorough cleanse. 

If your extensions get frizzy and messy, re-seal and re-tighten them using steam. Use a pair of scissors to cut off any fuzzies you can notice on their surface. Never apply a flat iron, blow dryer, or a curling iron on your synthetic extensions. Kanekalon or synthetic hair is made of plastic, therefore, your dreads will surely melt!

The Pros and Cons of Dreadlock Extensions

You’re already caught on the pros, but we’ll also provide you the cons because we care about you.


  • Getting the length you want without waiting for your hair to grow
  • Instant enjoyment
  • Dreadlocks match your hair correctly
  • You get to obtain the style you prefer
  • Dreadlocks extensions work with any hairstyle


  • Dreadlock extensions are more expensive than a simple installation
  • They are artificial
  • They might fall out

Crocheted, Backcombed and Twisted Dreadlock Extensions: What’s the Difference?

Crocheted Dreadlock Extensions

These dreadlock extensions look precisely like real dreadlocks. They have been crocheted by hand and no product has been applied. You can extend your existing dreads or braid them into your hair.

Crocheted dreadlock extensions can be artificial or human hair. Although they are composed of 2 different materials, they look very similar. However, human hair dreadlocks are normally softer than synthetic hair and behave similarly to your hair.

Synthetic Crocheted Dreadlock Extensions

They come in double-ended (DE) and single-ended (SE) variants.

DE extensions are excellent to add to your hair when you don’t have dreadlocks. It is super long so that you can fold them in half right at scalp level and pluck two dreads out of them. You just weave them with your hair.

On the other hand, if you want to add length to your present dreads, then cut your DE extensions in 2 and crochet them at each end of your dreads.

SE extensions will only come with one end loop.

Backcombed and Twisted Dreadlocks Extensions

High-quality synthetic or Kanekalon hair is backcombed and twisted until the dreadlocks are formed, and then sealed with heat. They are connected by braiding the extensions with loose hair.

Backcombed and Twisted dreadlock usually come in both Double Ended and Single Ended types. SE extensions have one loop while the DE extension is folded in half at the scalp to get two dreads out of them.

Common Asked Questions

How Long Will My Dreadlock Extensions Last?

Taking into account your hair type and the installation process, your dreadlock extensions can remain for a few months, a few years, or even be permanent.

With the crochet process, Afro hair is permanent while straight hair can last up to two years for synthetic hair. It can extend up to three years if you use on normal human hair.

Can I Dye My Dreadlock Extensions?

It all depends on the nature of the hair they are made of.

Some kinds of human hair extensions are already colored and so heavily treated that they will prove very challenging to dye. However, if they are composed of virgin hair, you should have no problem.

Nonetheless, you should not apply hair color on synthetic extensions. Although you can try dying them with fabric dyes.

Can I Wash My Dreadlock Extensions?

You should be capable of washing all types of dreadlock extensions. However, we recommend consulting a stylist to avoid damaging them.

Regarding dreadlock extensions that have been fastened using the crochet method, washing your extensions will make them sturdier. Experts would even advise you to swim in the sea and get the salt and tighten your extensions.

Can I Remove My Dreadlock Extensions?

Depending on the installation procedure, yes, you can remove them. Crochet dreadlock extensions are the hardest to be removed, especially if the installation is well-done.

Are They Bad for My Hair?

The only mode in which dreadlock extensions can be bad for your hair is if you comb them out after the installation. Apart from that, they do not harm the hair more than traditional dreadlocks.

Are Dreadlock Extensions Permanent?

They can vary from semi-permanent to permanent. It depends on what variety of hair was applied, how it was installed, and the texture of your hair.

During installation, temporary dreadlocks will be fastened with strings. Permanent and semi-permanent extensions will be crocheted in.

If you have Kinky Afro hair, the crochet method of installation will be pretty much permanent in your hair. On the other hand, straighter hair extensions that were installed with the crochet method will be semi-permanent since human hair lasts between two and three years.

The Differences Between Human Hair Weave and Dreadlock Extensions

After understanding the structures of the locks with extensions, we will explain the differences between dreadlock extensions and human hair weave extensions.

Substantial forms

The hair form is distinct. The human hair weave extensions refer to the type of human hair extensions weaves made of Remy hair. 

It is very different from the dreadlock extensions hair, as it usually has thick braids and joined by crochet hooks.

The human hair weave sewn-in is normally used to extend the length of the natural hair or add to its thickness. But the dreadlock extension connection is used to make a braid hairstyle.


Human hair weave bundles can be coupled with various accessories. Thus, you can carry the best human hair wigs for black women sewed by the human hair weave bunches with closure or frontal. You can also wear women’s human hair wigs that you can lengthen using human hair bundles..


The cost of the dreadlock extensions is more affordable than the human hair weave bundles. Particularly for the dreadlock extensions synthetic hair, you can just spend $30 to $100 to purchase your full head synthetic dreadlocks. 

As for the real human hair dreadlock extensions, you may pay $90 to $200 just to buy a full head. 

As for the 100 human hair weave bundles, you may need to spend about $100 to $350 just to acquire your full head human hair wigs. The price will vary based on the length, color, and texture.

Another factor to consider is whether it comes with human hair weave bundles with finish or with frontal.

Installation method

If we are going to talk about the installation complexity of the human hair weave and dreadlock extensions, the human hair weave sewn-in method will be a little more complicated than the dreadlock extensions installation procedure. For installing the human hair weave, you may require some professional skills.

Caring method

The human hair weave sewn-in requires thorough treatment and a special caring method. Meanwhile, the 100 human hair weaves can be increased according to the caring method.

The dreadlock extensions of human hair only require regular washing. They will surely serve you for a long time unless you don’t want them.

Dread Extension Products

Dreadlock Extensions – Human Hair

Dreadlock Extensions - Human Hair
Dreadlock Extensions – Human Hair

These Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions are handmade with a crochet hook and composed of 100% high-quality Remy hair. This is ideal if you want to add length to your existing dreadlocks or add color or volume.

Human hair dreadlock extensions can be very time-consuming and expensive to make. With these natural dreadlocks, you can save time on installing, making it excellent for dread makers or crafty friends with an extension job ahead of them.

If you are producing new dreadlocks from scratch, adding human hair extensions will help your natural dreadlocks grow straight as they combine weight to the dreadlocks once attached. It also furnishes a mature finish to your dreadlocks from day one.

Having had dreadlocks for a while, you’ll realize that the more length you have, the more choices you have to style your dreadlocks Particularly if you like updos.

Dreadlocks with colored ends provide a great finish for some extra style to your look!

You will need 50 dreadlocks for a full head, but only less for side cuts or bangs.

Wool Dreadlock Extensions

Wool Dreadlock Extensions
Wool Dreadlock Extensions

Dreadlock Extensions of Synthetic Hair are composed of felted wool. The felted dreadlocks are comfortable to wear and are available in many colors.

Wool dreads are lightweight, stretchy, and very durable. Each extension is double-ended, between 90 and 120 cm. long, and about 0.8 cm thick. It is recommended to reinstall extensions every 3 months.

Keep your extensions by washing them with hot water and rolling the dreadlock as if they were ‘real’ dreadlocks. Between the installations, they can be soaked in water with oil soap as it tightens the dreadlock. Do not apply hot tools in wool dreadlocks, such as a curling iron, but you can use a hair dryer.

Synthetic Ombre Dreadlock Extensions

Synthetic Ombre Dreadlock Extensions
Synthetic Ombre Dreadlock Extensions

The single-ended dreadlocks are fastened with a loop at the top and about 50 cm long. Meanwhile, the double-ended dreadlocks extensions are about 100 cm long and can be placed in the middle. So they are also about 50 cm after installation. 

For a full application, use approximately 16 double-ended and 24 single-ended dreadlocks extensions. Cut them for side cuts or bangs.

Ombre Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions

Ombre Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions
Ombre Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions

The Ombre Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions are handmade with a crochet hook and possess a very durable quality. They are fit for adding length to existing dreadlocks or just for adding color or volume.

The extensions are 0.8 cm. thick and 50 cm. long and can be purchased in 4 color combinations but can also be colored or dyed.

It can be very time-consuming to make your extensions and too expensive if it is composed of human hair. With these natural dreadlocks, you can save time on preparation, making it excellent for dread creators or crafty friends.

If you are producing new dreadlocks from scratch, appending human hair extensions will help your natural dreadlocks grow straight. That’s because they combine weight to the dreadlocks once attached.

Crocheted Double Ended Dreadlock Extensions Of Synthetic Hair

Crocheted Double Ended Dreadlock Extensions Of Synthetic Hair
Crocheted Double Ended Dreadlock Extensions Of Synthetic Hair

Crocheted Dreadlock Extensions of Synthetic Hair is composed of high-quality real human hair.

The crochet dreadlocks extensions look and feel just like real, natural dreads. They are lightweight, resilient, and can last long.

All extensions are 100 cm. long, about 0.8 cm. Thick, and are available in different colors.

The ends are open for you to decide whether they should be closed and rounded or have a natural look and be open.

You will need 50 dreadlocks for a complete head of extensions but fewer for side cuts or bangs.

The dreadlock extensions are double ended, meaning you have two dreadlocks in one. You can braid it into your hair in the middle so the length will be around 50 cm. after attaching.

It produces a natural look when they are braided in and they can cover the braid with hair of the same color. If you prefer to use the dreadlocks for permanent extensions, just cut them in the middle and attach the extensions to your existing dreads.

Is Dreadlock Extensions Better?

Dreadlock extensions have their advantages. It is hard to say which one is better, but different people have different preferences and requirements. Hence, you can do whatever floats your boat.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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