History of dreadlocks

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There’s been a few arguments happening around the world over the history of dreadlocks and cultural appropriation. Even though people with African ethnicity are historically ‘well-known for wearing dreadlocks’, it’s not fair to claim that dreadlocks can be worn by only one ethnic group. Especially since the history of dreadlocks is rich in several cultures.

Historians and anthropologists have found evidence of the ‘do in ancient Egypt, Germanic tribes, Vikings, Pacific Islanders, early Christians, the Aborigines and the New Guineans as well as the Somali, the Galla, the Maasai, the Ashanti and the Fulani tribes of Africa. (Source)

Dreadlocks in ancient Egypt.

Some of the earliest recordings of dreadlocks occur from mummified remains from Egypt. In both the remains of exhumed mummified remains and historical artifacts, there are cases where the hair of those Egyptians were in dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks in ancient Egypt
Dreadlocks in ancient Egypt

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Dreadlock rise in popularity

Bob Marley famously increased the awareness of dreadlocks by wearing them during his music career. At the peak of his fame and his legacy, dreadlocks are associated with the Bob Marley brand, which incorporates the Rastafari religion and the symbolism of wearing dreadlocks as a part of the faith.

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