How to condition dry and scratchy dreads.

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Dreadlocks, by their very nature, can lead to dry hair. Within the dreadlock hair strands rub closely against each other, opening up the microscopic cuticles which leads to dry and sometimes brittle hair. The irony is dry, squeaky clean hair creates an environment in which dreads thrive because hair will knot and lock up far more easily. Our product range has been developed with this in mind like, for example the dreadlocks shampoo’s which won’t leave behind the normal conditioning residues that other shampoo products do.

That said, there maybe times when you want to improve the condition of your hair, add some moisture back in and as a result, create softer, less scratchy dreadlocks. We’ve developed a range of products which will achieve this without inhibiting the locking process or causing your dreads to loosen and slip out. Here’s the low down…

Dread Empire Conditioning Spray

It’s a leave in moisturizer, utilizing the benefits of Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B which will defrizz, soften, smooth and tame frizzy, fragile locks. The subtle aroma of Mandarin will leave them feeling fresh and smelling sweet!

Dread Empire Dread Balm

This is an all natural, super conditioner which is strong enough to tame loose frizzy hair whilst binding and tightening the dread in the process. Macadamia and Sweet Orange Oil makes for a deliciously creamy texture which goes on super smooth and is ideal for mature dreadlocks or dry hair.

Knotty Boy Peppermint Cooling Spray

It’s a cooling moisture spray which is a tingly all-natural blend of pure peppermint essential oil, soothing aloe vera extract, nourishing hempseed oil and other natural ingredients designed to cool irritated scalps, and condition and moisturize dried-out dreadlocks.

So when should you use these products? Well for the most part we recommend you wait till your dreadlocks mature. That said though, they don’t inhibit the locking process so if your hair is particularly dry they can be used from when your dreadlocks are a month old. Apply them as often as necessary.

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