Loctician courses and certifications

Would you like to become a certified loctician?

Are you already certified and would like to do some more training to improve your dreadlock maintenance or starting skills? Or would you like to learn another technique, such as palm roll or interlocking?

We host or partner with organisations that can help you advance your skills so that you will excel as a loctician.

In addition to the technical training that we provide, we also provide specific courses on career development, marketing and business growth strategies for locticians, so that you can make as much money as possible as a loctician.

We want our locticians to have the skills that will keep their customers coming back for more.

You have the choice to do our online courses, in-house workshops or join us at one of our training seminars.

We want you to make $50,000 in your first year and grow your income to $100,000 a year over the next 5 years. The goal is bold, but we want to help you secure a career that will allow you to thrive.

Our course module will teach you.

  • How to interlock with a high-quality finish.
  • How to palm roll with a high-quality finish.
  • Styling guides
  • Product recommendations
  • Selling products
  • Selling your loctician services
  • Marketing your loctician services
  • Your loctician business strategy

Do you just want to learn for personal maintenance?

We allow people to do this as well. If you would like to learn so you can take care of the locs of your loved ones, we are happy to include you in the course as well.

If you are interested, click on this link to register your interest and we will let you know once the course is available.

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Still have some questions?

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  • Is there a loctician school near me?
  • How can I get a master loctician certification?
  • How to become a certified loctician.

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