Mohawk for Dreadlocks

Long dreadlocks mohawk

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Dreadlocks can be an extremely bold and daring move for a new men’s hairstyle. More so if you are not used to having long hair.

Dreads can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and lengths. You can also experiment with mohawk, fade, bun, and more. This means that you can wear your locks in any way that floats your boat.

The Mohawk is, without a doubt, one of the awesome hairstyles in history. It started from a Native-American tribe, was chosen up by airplane fighting pilots during World War II, and then by renegade punks in the 70s and 80s. The Mohawk has a fascinating history, and is now also another way to wear your dreadlocks.

This also means that gone are the days when dreadlocks were only for black men or those living a more bohemian lifestyle. Each man can work the dreadlock style at least once in a lifetime!

Fortunately, dreads are easy to maintain and keep in excellent condition.

How to Maintain Your Dreads

If you are considering wearing the dreads, the good news is that they are quite easy to maintain.

No need to brush your hair each day or having to go to a salon ever so often. All you need to do is keep the following in mind:

  • Keep it clean. Despite what many may believe, the answer to good-looking and well-behaved dreads is to keep them neat. Clean hair dreads up quicker than dirty.
  • Pick a product. You will need to pay attention to the product that you prefer to apply. While shampoos may “wash” hair, they frequently don’t leave it squeaky clean. Ordinary shampoos leave residues and scents which are the culprit of smooth and tight dreads.
  • High and dry. After washing, make sure that you dry your hair as fast and as thoroughly as possible. Not only can damp dreads smell terrible, it can also produce weakness that could result in breakage. Try to ring as much water out of your hair as you can, using several towels if required, and then air dry or use a hairdryer to finish off.
  • In mint condition. Another reason for dreadlock breakage is lack of moisture. If you possess long dreads, you will already know how heavy they can get. To avoid breakage, apply a specialist dread cream that will condition the hair, consider taking a nutritional supplement to promote the health of your locks, or keep them shorter to avoid so much weight.

2 Best Pairs for Mohawk Dreadlocks

Do you really think that the Dreadlock looks cannot go any better? Then, we are here to prove you wrong.

The Mohawk Dreadlock Hairstyle is the greatest thing that could happen to your dreadlock look.

For one, it is a bold and familiar look. Second, you can achieve it when the sides are shaved or clipped to have a Mohawk silhouette.

Men who have short hair can try this style. Even if you do not want to grow your hair (as it takes much energy) then the Mohawk Dreadlock is an ideal style to sport. All you need to do is have an undercut or a fade or trim the hair on the sides shorter than the top.

And depending on your face shape and your look, you can totally alter the way your hair looks.

Here are some of the looks that you can match up with the Mohawk Dreadlock:

Undercut Mohawk Dreadlock Hairstyles

Mohawk and undercut go hand-in-hand. The undercut dreadlock Mohawk is among the freshest fads in town. So much so that men who run for the Mohawk try out the undercut.

PRO TIP: Try to grow a beard with this look along with a partial side cut to achieve a different look.

Long Mohawk Dreadlock Hairstyles

The days for medium-length mohawk dreads are gone. Nowadays, men sport their long hair as a Mohawk.

Not every man desires to tie a top knot or a man bun with the dreadlock look. Instead, the hair is retained in a slick back position without applying hair gel.

Edgy Mohawk Dreads Hairstyles

Dreadlocks are the representation of sophistication and coolness. In addition, Mohawk Dreads catapult conventional dreads to the next level with elaborate styling and personality.

As part of the oldest hairstyles in the world, dreadlocks are the amalgamation of cultures from India, Ancient Egypt, Greece, and the United States.

India’s Vedic inscriptions are the first written proof of a twisted lock of hair worn by the deity Shiva and proceeded to evolve throughout various religions, cultures, and public figures. Most prominently, the Black society honors its African history with dreadlocks.

Nowadays, dreadlocks are accepted for casual wear. Mohawk Dreads transformed dreadlocks to allow for more self-expression. Hence, consider wearing your locks this way if you are looking for a bold alternative.

Here are some ideas:

The Dreaded Mohawk

If you are the brave and daring kind, then go for the distinctive mohawk with tall spiky dreads. Not only is it a very cool hairstyle to rock, but it is also customizable depending on your character.

An excellent way to improve the mohawk is to add temp fading around the sides for added excitement and drama.

Classic Mohawk Dreadlocks

When you go all-in with a high fade, your full Mohawk Dreads will draw the eyes downwards from the front of your face towards the back. The whole nature of the dreadlocks almost matches a warrior Spartan’s helmet. A sharp line up throughout the hairline and C-shape for your beard will heighten the sophisticated spirit you have within.

Dread Mohawks with Design

These Mohawk dreads are super simple and an excellent idea for anyone who loves their dreads but perhaps requires a more conservative style for work. Aside from being a bit more embellishing and orthodox than a mop full of wild dreads, it is also super easy to maintain!

Twist or Double Twist

If you are dreading your hair for the first time, then a short twist or double twist is an excellent kick-off point.

The hair is twisted in a way that “locks” it so that the roots start to make dreads. By combining shaved mohawk sides, you can begin growing your dreads without that odd-looking in-between stage. It also makes your hair look less bulky but still has a pretty quirky and unique style.

Dyed Mohawk with Bounded Bun

This style is an illustration of various details combined to create an unforgettable look.

The braided blond Mohawk lies high on top of the head and contrasts perfectly with the darker roots. To cap it off, a smooth high fade blends into a sharp shaved line and cross figure in the back.

Criss-Cross Mohawk Dreads

If you possess thick hair, then dreads can sometimes be a bit stubborn and riotous.

If you are looking for a way to avoid that bulk but still pitch a very cool style, then a dreaded mohawk that is styled back is an excellent choice. Attempt for something unique like a criss cross braid.

Two-Part Mohawk Dreads

Mohawks generally start from the forehead to the nape of the neck with one long “strip” of hair.

Pierce into your wild side by sectioning your dreads into two dense braided parts. Mimic the criss-cross style around the head with cornrows, and dye a mixture of loose strands red to tie the whole look together.

Upturned Mohawk Dreads

Modify the traditional style of a Mohawk from back to front by driving your hair forward. When your dreadlocks first lock, it’s not surprising if they stick out. To make them hang, pile them forward when they’re wet. Eventually, the strands will adjust to their new direction.

Short Mohawk Dreads with Tramlines

Thinking of getting a dreaded mohawk style? If you want to take on this style of a train, then why not attach some tramlines?

By joining detailed tramlines around the edge of the Mohawk bisection, you supplement a more defined look. Plus, your choices for adding unique lines are limitless.

Afro Mohawk Dreads

Stir up a traditional Mohawk by consolidating shorter dreadlocks along the side and longer dreadlocks in the center. Add a splash of impulse with the uneven lengths by dying the middle of your hair and the tip of your beard the same shade of copper.

A two-tone Mohawk is a piece of cake to groom and shows off your character.

Low Ponytail

When most people believe in dreadlocks, they have images of long flowing and bulky hair. If you fancy having long hair but require something a little more acceptable for your job, or you simply can not stand your hair hanging in your face all the time, then a low ponytail with mohawk sides is a great substitute.

This Mohawk dreads style allows for more direction of the remaining hair but still provides you with that idiosyncratic boost of style.

Medium Fade with Short Dreads

To obtain your perfect hair length, dreads take anywhere between a few months to a year to fully grow.

Encourage your dreads to “slick” backward by spritzing your hair with a leave-in treatment and trimming it down a few times a week. Use a medium fade to easily transition your hair on the side and the dreadlocks.

Dread Mohawk with Shaved Sides

If you enjoy your long dreads but find them a bit heavy, consider shaving the sides. Doing so can help them form into a mohawk. You can combine these with the trendy man bun or low ponytail at the back for a very smooth style.

Medium Braided Dreadlocks

Provide your Mohawk the image of representation by matting the shorter strands on top of the longer strands. If you want to modify things up, tie the shorter strands into a small man bun.

Dreaded Mohawk with Top Knot

The man bun became a look recently, and it’s something that you can incorporate with your dreads; It can be a pretty sleek and sometimes more traditional look making it more fitting for more formal events. Try combining some temp fade designing throughout the temple for extra drama!

Forward Flipped Mohawk

The unfortunate villain Erik Killmonger from “Black Panther” is a magnificent model of a forward flipped Mohawk. Another technique to push your hair forward is to use a wave cap while you sleep for the first few months. The Mohawk will begin to take a life of its own.

Twisted Mohawk Dreads

An excellent look for long or short hair, twists make for an option to a full dreadlock but add a more complex splash of interest. Adding a mohawk makes for a very unique and desirable style.

Edgy Blond Mohawk Dreads

Section the dreadlocks for dying, and then continuously mix it in with your natural hair shade. Stack the dreads high into a ponytail for the ultimate Mohawk result. Ask your hairstylist to add rounded fades for an edgier completed product.

High Top Dread Mohawk

The high top remains to be a very common look regardless of hair type or color. If you are highly impressed in the high top but enjoy your dreads, then this is a unique approach to keep your current style but add a little bit of contemporary definition as a dread mohawk.

Blond Tipped Short Dreads

If you don’t fancy dyeing your short dreads, try coloring the tips with an ombré effect. Another option is to go for a tramline throughout your scalp. This tram line goes along the base of your hair and makes it seem disconnected.

Short Dreaded Mohawk With Shaved Sides

This is a great dreadlock hairdo that guarantees you still look absolutely groomed. When at the stylist try a dread fade or dread under-shave which are both fresh new looks.

The half-shaved hair with short dreads, along with the flow of the crown, is a very sleek approach to style your dreadlocks.

Semi-Freeform Spike Dreadlocks

Making your dreadlocks grow without huge manipulation is one of the most genuine ways to wear your hair. Spikes quickly produce a unique Mohawk-like form when you section individual strands into separate corners.

Turn a smaller portion of the dreadlocks by using dye for highlights.

Long Mohawk Dreads With Undercut

Prevent the bulk and go for an easier-to-maintain head of dreads!

By making an undercut to your already existing dreads you can achieve a very cool look but with less trouble than a full head. Plus, it looks awesome!

This dread mohawk look can be fabulous regardless of the extent of your hair!

Mohawk Dreads with High-Fade

Long and wide dreadlocks are ideal for establishing a Mohawk. However, if you don’t desire it to cover your face, you’ll need to use a hair tie at the bottom to keep the style in place.

Dread Mohawk With Shape-Up

The line-up haircut can also be named the shape up or edge up and is a magnificent style to consolidate with dreads.

It includes straightening the hairline and shaving short lines and complex angles into the hair around the forehead, temples, and throughout the rear of the head. So, if you’re an enthusiast of a more styled and clean look then this is an excellent option for you.

Short Dreadlocks

If your hair is short and fine, this might not work for you. That’s because to produce a thick Mohawk that doesn’t rely on volume, it’s best to rock a short Mohawk if your hair turns out dozens of dreadlocks that bind together.

Flaming Dreaded Mohawk

Dreads were normally a magnificent look for those after a more bohemian style. If you want to rock that alternative vibe, then fire flame locks are the method to do that! This dread mohawk style will surely not be a misfire!

Thick Ponytail Dreadlocks

Thick and long dreadlocks are most suitable for people who can manage the weight, width, and length of each strand. A bald shave, rather than a high fade, draws attention straight towards your style. Having the hair in a high ponytail will have them out of your face and help you remain cool during the summer.

The Labyrinth

You can only achieve this look with the help of a professional. Otherwise, it will look more like a mess than a bulk of brilliance. Once created, despite its complex look, this is a very simple style to maintain and is a rather unique look to a classic dread.

Fishbone Dreadlocks

Fishbone braids lock in at an angle and form a pattern throughout the scalp. They can be quite as mesmerizing as the overall hairstyle. These braids start individually at the forehead before joining together at the neck base into a united low ponytail.

Chunky Dreaded Mohawk

Chunky dreads are ideal for those with very thick hair. Chunky dreads look excellent loose or tied back into a complete or half-updo. Combine it with a classing mohawk style and you’ll be head-turner!

Long Mohawk Dreads

Several dreadlocks are tightly twisted from the roots to the ends. The ends in this picture are rather loose and sloppy.

Depending on how tight you fancy your locks, a Mohawk dreads style is most suitable for those who favor that their appearance looks untidy and simple.

Braided Ponytail Dreaded Mohawk

Almost the same as the man bun, plaiting and bunches are becoming more trendy for chaps. If you are after a lively twist on a dreadlock updo then consider plaiting or braiding into a hip style.

Adding a bright color can also really help you represent this Mohawk dreads look.

Edgy Mohawk Dreads With Beads

Hair wraps or beads are a delightful and artistic technique to dress up your hair. Just make sure you add them to your dreads perfectly as they could produce damage by creating soft spots.

There is a vast assortment of choices on the market from natural wooden beads to quirky colorful stones and endless colored criss cross wraps.

Colored Blonde Dreaded Mohawk

Edgy, fearless, and brash, combining platinum blonde to your already super chic dreaded mohawk is the way to turn heads! This is for you if you like to use your hair to make a statement.

Curly Dread Mohawk

Curly hair is considered the most desirable type of hair for dreads so if you’re used to having a curly mop, you don’t have to waste that style when considering adding dreads.

Final Thoughts

You can simply curl your dreadlocks by using soft rollers or plaiting them into the spot until kinks form. Either way, you will be blown to soft bouncy hair, which is a pleasant deviation from otherwise poker-straight locks.

And by attaching the shaved mohawk sides, you can reduce the weight that your head has to carry without losing the edginess.

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