Love Locs Soften My Dreadlocks Oil Dreadlock Moisturizer



If your dreadlocks are dry, coarse, itchy, or just plain unpleasant; buy and apply this dreadlock moisturizer to get softer and better looking dreadlocks in the next 7 days.

What can you expect with Love Locs dreadlock moisturizer?

  1. Soften your dreadlocks
  2. Improve strength and bounce
  3. Stop having an itchy scalp
  4. Remove bad odors
  5. Stimulate growth
  6. Reduce the risk of breaking your dreadlocks
  7. Have fresh smelling dreadlocks everyday

Key Ingredients in the dreadlock moisturizer?

  • Organic hemp seed oil – Rich in omega-6 and omega-3, this very penetrating oil deeply nourishes the hair, restores softness and fights against dehydration.
  • Organic avocado oil – Obtained from avocado pulp, this oil is an excellent nourishing, protective and restructuring active ingredient.
  • Organic castor oil – Perfect for repairing and nourishing dry, devitalized, split, brittle or frizzy hair, this oil is reputed to promote its growth.
  • Organic hibiscus flower – This extract will help strengthening the hair
  • Organic juniper berry and cedarwood essential oil – Its antibacterial, detoxifying & soothing properties will help you maintain a balanced scalp and calm irritation and itchiness
  • Organic lavender essential oil – Its soothing properties will help calming irritating scalp
  • Organic spearmint essential oil – Helps to refresh the scalp

See the dreadlock moisturizer in the video below.

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