Should you wear a hat (or headpieces) with your dreadlocks?

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Whether the weather is getting warmer or cooler, at some stage of the year, you will want to protect your head and hair from the harsh elements of the weather. However, you want to do this without damaging your hair as well. 

There are pros and cons to wearing hats or different types of headpieces with your dreadlocks. We want to focus on the ideal solution so that if you are in a position where you need to wear a hat or a headpiece, you can choose an item that will protect your head and also minimise the risk of any damage to your dreadlocks. 

Dreadlock Visa

This is a really good option since you can wear it outdoors in both the summer and the winter and protect your eyes. It also helps to keep the dreadlocks out of your face. The only thing is it won’t protect the back of your head/dreadlocks because they will be exposed to the sun. So it will be difficult to sport the visa on a really hot day. However, it is a good solution for a mild day. 

It is also useful for when you play sports. 

You can click here to purchase the visa. 

Dreadlocks scarf/Bandana

This is a great item for keeping your dreadlocks wrapped up neatly. You can get the scarf or bandana in different colours to compliment your fashion. This item is best used for cooler weather. You can click here to check the range of colours that they have available on Amazon. 

Dreadlock beanie hat

This one is another good option. It would be ideal to opt for a beanie where the fabric is synthentic so that it doesn’t catch on your dreadlocks. This one doesn’t come with a brim, so it is really only suited for cooler weather. You can also purchase them on Amazon here

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