Wearing Head Wraps for Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks take hours, even days, to complete. That’s because the goal is to keep a perfectly manicured style. However, fighting off the unraveling of your locks can surely take a lot of time.

Luckily, there are different ways to use head wrap styles on braids, faux and natural locks, and dreads to preserve the look.

When can I Start Adding Head Wraps to My Dreadlocks?

You are free to use head wraps. However, there is a right method to making sure you’re wearing them properly. Otherwise, wearing a head wrap can cause more damage.

Anything you do to build friction or compression (palm rolling, clockwise rubbing, etc.) helps to speed hasten the dreadlocking procedure. As opposed to popular beliefs, anything you do that minimizes or eliminates friction or compression slows or can even stop the locking process..

That said, there are two type of dread wraps: Solid thread wraps and open thread wraps.

When you put a tight, solid wrap on a less-than-mature dreadlock, it packs the dreadlock. It also excludes any friction, preventing the locking process and causing weak spots. As such, solid thread wraps should only be put on matured dreads only.

Criss-cross wraps, on the other hand, are open weave and can be carefully wrapped on dreadlocks of any age. That’s because the wrap packs the dreadlock and produces friction in the hair. Hair friction stimulates the locking process while making your dreads aesthetically pleasing.

However, open wraps should be worn loosely so it won’t appear choking or squeezing the dreadlocks.

Similarly, beads that are put too tight to your dreadlocks can create weak spots. Beads should be snug or tight enough that they stay put and won’t fall off the dreadlock if you shake your head around. However, they should be loose enough that you can take them off. But just as long as they are properly sized they can be worn as soon as your dreadlocks are done.

Keep in mind, though, that beads worn when your dreads were still young can sometimes end up being far too small once your locks start to mature and fatten up

Should I Wrap My Dreadlocks When I Sleep at Night?

The quick answer is yes, you should. However, it’s not a necessity.

Wrapping your dreadlocks at night can prevent your hair from picking up lint and fuzz from your bedding.

As you may already know, the oil created by the scalp (also called “sebum”) is essential to keep the hair and scalp healthy. When the hair is drained, it is far more likely to break and, in the case of dreadlocks, be frizzy. Anytime you place your dreadlocks against an absorbent fabric (i.e., your pillowcase) it will tend to absorb moisture out of your hair.

Meanwhile, experts believe that covering your dreadlocks will stop the hair from getting dried out. Doing so can minimize hair fizz.

If you do decide to wrap your locks at night, please remember that anything worn on your locks that is too tight can actually create damage. We suggest using something relatively loose which will still let your locks get plenty of movement and friction while you sleep at night. Doing so can help with the locking process.

How Do You Wrap a Turban or Headwrap With Dreads?

Turbans and headwraps are used to wrap around your dreads, add some style, and express your creativity. There are several colors and styles available depending on the thickness and length of your dreadlocks.

Moreover, wraps can be worn before or after a retwist to keep it fresh. However, you should not wear a head wrap all day nor quickly after washing because your dreads need fresh air to dry.

Dreads Preparation Before Turban or Head Wrapping

  • Dry Dreads. You should never wrap your dreads when it is damp. Doing so can cause dread rot or smelly and moldy hair.
  • Tie up dreads. Tying up your dreadlocks will ensure that no locks are sticking out of your freshly wrapped hair. You can also use a dreads cap to secure your locks.
  • The correct length of cloth. This will depend on the length of your dreads and style, although you are likely to need at least one year of cloth. With dreads, using silk wraps is advised although you can use whichever wrap compliments your clothing. Just make that it is made of soft stretchy cotton material.
  • Wrapping style. The style of the wrap will depend on how you want your turban wrap to look. There are several ways to wrap your dreads, so choose one and try to master that style.

The Procedure

  1. Secure your dreads by tieing them or using a dreadlocks cap.
  2. Take the cloth and make a quarter fold to the top. This folded portion will rest on your forehead.
  3. Place the cloth on your forehead and ensure that the two ends are even. Then press down the cloth on your head so it is fine and smooth.
  4. Cross the two ends at the back of your head then pull and wrap the cloth while tucking both sides.

Give Your Dreads New Life with African Head Wraps

Headwrap styles will save your dreads from the fuzzies as they get older. All you need is a little practice. You can dress up older dreads with a stretchy fabric.

Try “two-strand” turning the fabric into an excellent wrap.

To form the two-strand look, grab both ends of the fabric and tightly twist it to the end. Even those with heavier dreads can still slay under an African head wrap.

Don’t be afraid to seek out different looks! Form a top bun, wrap the fabric around to the back, and tuck the ends. Take it down and do the same process. 

There is no limit to building fun looks that you can sport whether you’re at work or on a date.

Turban and Head Wrap Styles for Dreads, Faux, and Natural Locs

African headwraps and turbans have a deep history. They also look fabulous when styled on locks and dreads.

Nonetheless, every person has a different style. That’s why you can feel free to practice shaping your head wraps flawlessly to your face. Don’t be afraid to create bows and top knots. Go big on color and produce a mood practicing head wraps for dreads and methods for your natural or faux locks!

For turban scarf styles and more common African headwrap styles, you will want to work on larger pieces of fabric. The idea is to stack the hair on top and secure it with an under wrap. Under wraps can vary from small silk scarves to wig caps.

Feel free to practice with whatever you have. From there, try putting it in different ways before tying and tucking the ends.

Once you’re done putting in a little practice, you’ll be on your way to mastering African head wraps for any dreadlocks style. Nonetheless, ensure that your hair is thoroughly dry before wrapping. Otherwise, it can cause dread rot.

Head Wrap Styles for the Long, Short, and Loc’d

Headwraps have grown in style diversity and demand. There are scarves of infinite colors and prints that can be found online.

Regardless, it is all about representing yourself to the world!

Now, there are loads of styles and tutorials out there, but we have selected the best of the best that show variety in scarves, styles, creativity, and ease.

4 Quick Head Wrap Styles

Gotta love the basics, and beginning with basic head wraps techniques that most women wear with a bold flair is The London Curls.

She teaches us how to master the most common styles that we see everywhere. She shows certain protective styles like the vintage bow, the faux sleek bun, and the Nefertiti-inspired dread turban, along with more that will dress you ready for any day of the week.

Nefertiti Head Wrap

Everyone adores this style. And Chrissiethecreator uses her time to show you how she molds this signature look.

Admire the body of this look? Well, the mystery is the under scarf!

An underscarf will provide you the body and shape of this amazing look. It makes sense and, when you see the finished product, you know why it is essential and brings the look together.

This is excellent for shorter dreads although can be done on longer dreads, too.

12 Styles, 7 Minutes

MOAMNETWORK never fails with her styles. She’s got styles that are ideal for all dread lengths.

From classic to glam, she makes sure to showcase a style that everyone will enjoy and love. You will walk away with at least three or four looks that will be sure to rock this weekend or even today!

Intricate Wrapunzel Braided Tichel

This tutorial is not for the faint at heart. It’s not for beginners, either.

This intricate and beautifully executed headwrap will demand some time and skill. Luckily, Andrea-Yonatan Grinberg walks and talks you through it with comfort.

The colors, the braids, and the simple charm will make you fall in love instantly with this look.

Head Wrap for Short Natural Hair

You like the front bun, the back bun, the side bun but your hair is just not pretty long enough for decent rocking? No sweat!

Let those locks grow at their own pace and take a gander at what Curlisle has got to offer you. She has diverse styles that will match any look, whether you are going to work, the grocery store, or out on a date. 

Loc Head Wrap

Do you have long, unapologetically impressive locks? You will need to watch this video that I Mina shares on how to get them super high in a head wrap like a pro.

Her hair is astounding and beautiful and she shares the excellent way on how you can achieve it.

Easy Turban

Most people love the quick, ultra-easy styles, so we had to share Mlle. CafeAuLait’s easy scarf turban style.

It is excellent for those days getting kind of close to (or past) wash day. If you have a four-sided scarf, getting this look is pretty straightforward. Form a faux bun and your hair is entirely covered and you are ready for your accessories and getting out the door!

Head Wraps For Dreadlocks

Headband Hair Wrap Dreadlock Dreads Tube

This is an awesome versatile head wrap that is excellent for tidying up new dreads or braids. This is fit for everyone, male or female, young or old, with or without dreads.

It is perfect for festivals, traveling, and day-to-day application. Plus, you can also use the wrap as a scarf or as a belt. Just wrap it around twice and pull it onto the head.

Dreadlock Scarf Head Wrap Turban

It is a wonderful selection of cotton scarves in a mixture of funky colors. This is to jazz up your outfit or wrap up your dreads.

It’s made of cotton and it’s super soft, which is ideal for everyday use or special occasions. This headscarf can be also worn as a neck scarf or in many other various ways. Be as imaginative as you like.

Dreadlock Soc Tube

This is made up of 95% polyester and 5% elastane (fabric pieces may vary by 1%). It has a fabric weight of 6.19 oz/yd² or 210 g/m². It is a breathable and four-way stretch fabric that stretches and recovers in cross and lengthwise directions. It is also washable and reusable.

Turban Cotton Headwrap

With its picturesque fabric, this cotton-printed, high-impact headwrap flaunts a bold design. So much so that can complement and improve your favorite daytime and evening ensembles with ease.


  • Handmade in the UK
  • Lightweight Head Wrap
  • Durable Material 100% Cotton
  • Breathable scarf
  • Headwrap measures 15″×72″ inches

Headwraps are Perfect for:

  • Protective style all year round
  • Any occasion!
  • Everyday attire!
  • As a gift

Stretch Mocha Headwrap

The mocha lightweight, super soft, stretchy, jersey headwrap is ideal for cooler climates. This scarf is also excellent for adding that pop of color to an outfit.

Show your style and get inventive with knots and bows. You can let your hair up or down or cover your head. It is up to you.

It measures 71 x 43 inches, made of 100% cotton with Lycra, lightweight, soft, and comfortable.

If you prefer something heavier, go for their jersey headwraps. It comes with edges to make the head wrap last longer. They are also versatile and can be used as a sarong or a beach cover-up.

Satin-lined Bonnet Headwrap

It is a hair bonnet with long attached ties (around 47 inches) that quickly converts to a stylish head wrap. It is a no-fuss head accessory that matches any casual, business, and church attire. Wear it just to look fashionable or conveniently cover-up “bad hair” days.

Satin-lining shields your natural and relaxed tresses while keeping moisture. It has a soft and lightweight polyester exterior, and for additional fullness, wear it with the available hair puff.

Stretch Navy Headwrap

The Stretch Navy Headwrap gives your dreads a pop of color while protecting your hair from cold weather.

Display your style and become artistic with your knots and bows. You can choose to cover your head or have your hair up. It also features 100% cotton with Lycra, making the headwraps lightweight, soft, and comfortable.

They don’t come pre-tied, which makes them very versatile and can be used as a sarong or a beach cover-up.

Tips for Protecting Braids/Locs/Dreads

  • Before using any head wrap, make sure that you oil your scalp and run your fingers down your braids or locks to get the oil into the shaft.
  • Coconut and olive oils are excellent for using under-protective headwraps on all hairstyles, particularly dreads and locks.
  • For extra protection for your natural lock, apply tea tree oil or other anti-fungal oils.
  • Remember to use a silky wrap as an under wrap to protect your dreads from dryness.
  • Box braids and faux locks are usually thicker. The rule of thumb for headwraps with box braids is to keep your hair and fabric loose enough to tuck your hair.
  • Make a list of your favorite how-to videos and practice turning ordinary fabrics into impressive dreadlock head wrap styles.

Get the right fix if you are suffering from any of these?